About Us

Complementary Health Seminars is a Professional Development company that aims to provide health practitioners with an opportunity to build on their base skills learned through formal education giving the therapist a greater sense of purpose which in turn benefits the industry by raising standards and profile of massage in the community. It does this by providing hands-on technically-based workshops, presentation seminars and educational DVDs, all available on the www.comphs.com.au website.

Geography can sometimes be a challenge when attending workshops and seminars. With this in mind, CHS Education which is a separate entity under Complementary Health Seminars set about developing partnerships with publishers and qualified presenters to offer a broad range of topics via its own branded Online Learning Platform (OLP) at www.chseducation.com. Apart from Video On Demand (VOD), CHS Education has been promoting Live webinars since 2013 and now has launched its webcasting channel which includes a multi-camera broadcasting format on the internet which also includes a live chat board for integration with those viewing online.

Last modified: Wednesday, 15 July 2015, 9:21 PM