In recent times, manual therapists are changing their client Assessment approach to now incorporate testing for neural tissue pathologies. Neural tension tests assess the mobility of neural tissue in the extremities and spinal canal. Positive adverse neural tension tests suggest poor mobility of neural tissue, resulting in clients presenting with pain and decreased range of motion. Reports of improved treatment outcomes following neural tension assessment and treatment suggest that adverse neural tension should be considered as a possible source of pain and dysfunction.

Join Rob Orr (Soft Tissue Lecturer, Victoria University) as he presents an easy to follow detailed two part presentation seminar firstly covering a theoretical review of specific regions with a focus on altered biomechanics and various regional postural syndromes which can cause dysfunction, followed by Rob demonstrating a variety of Assessment approaches and Treatment options with a multi-camera production allowing the live audience and home audience a bird's eye view of the action on the large screen.


Cost: $30.00
Theory Presentation: 1 Hour
Technical Presentation: 1 Hour
Total Presentation Duration: 2 Hours
Assessment: Online short quiz (70% pass rate required)
Certificate of Completion: Downloadable on successful quiz completion