Treatment Tips & Corrective Exercise for Low Back Pain & Rotated Pelvis

Estimates from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007–08 National Health Survey suggest that about 1.8 million Australians (9.2% of the population) have back problems. It has been estimated that 70–90% of people suffer from lower back pain in some form at some point in their lives.

Join Rob Orr who will explore the lumbo-pelvic region to determine whether there is a direct correlation between an anteriorly rotated pelvis leading to lower back pain. This is a common presentation in clinic which can lead to increased compression of the lower back. Rob will demonstrate a number of treatment options, followed by specific corrective exercises which will return the pelvis to a neutral position, resulting in off-loading the non-contractile and contractile elements of the lower back.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to assess and treat a anteriorly tilted pelvis, using a simple lateral assessment protocol
  • Learn how to treat specific aspects of the deep front fascial line
  • Identify whether a pelvic is in a neutral or non-neutral position
  • Identify what soft tissues structures are short and tight leading to an anteriorly tilted pelvis
  • Identify altered muscle firing patterns of the hip extensor chain

Watch below for a sample of Rob's presentation: 

About the Presenter

Rob Orr is a Myotherapist working in private practise focusing on musculoskeletal pain management, sports injuries, assessment & correction of altered biomechanics leading to musculoskeletal pain & dysfunction, corrective exercises & corrective stretching. He also lectures at RMIT University in the Sport & Science Department focusing on orthopaedic assessment, corrective exercises & treatment for specific musculoskeletal conditions.

Rob’s educational background comprises of a postgraduate certificate in musculoskeletal pain management, advanced diploma of Myotherapy, and a diploma of sports science.

In addition to his teaching, Rob maintains a soft tissue practice and has been treating clients for 14 years, been involved in multiple sports clubs, corporate health and the New Zealand Institute of Sport.


Cost: $20.00
Theory Presentation: 1 Hour
Technical Presentation: 1 Hour
Total Presentation Duration: 2 Hours
Assessment: Online short quiz (70% pass rate required)
Certificate of Completion: Downloadable on successful quiz completion