Ortho-Bionomy is a non-invasive, osteopathically derived form of body therapy which is highly effective in treating chronic stress, injuries, pain and problems associated with postural and structural imbalances. The practitioner uses gentle, comfortable movements and positions to facilitate change in stress and pain patterns and to re-educate the body's ability to function more efficiently.

Bruce Stark, BA BMus, is an Advanced Instructor and Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy and has been in practice since 1989. For 12 years Bruce served on the faculty at the university of Wisconsin Medical School where he lead specialisedtraining in men's health care issues and medical interviewing. Bruce maintains a full-time Ortho-Bionomy practice in Sydney, Australia.


Cost: $30.00
Theory Presentation: 1 Hour
Technical Presentation: 1 Hour
Total Presentation Duration: 2 Hours
Assessment: Online short quiz (70% pass rate required)
Certificate of Completion: Downloadable on successful quiz completion